Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alright, let's be honest with ourselves here. Everbody that gets a blog basically just wants to talk about their feelings or something that the rest of us couldnpossobly care less about. Now, knowing that I have one of these stupid little things osbkind of makif me a hypocrit, right? Wrong. I could hive a damn whether or not anyone reads this, if you do great, if you don't it won't break my heart. So, to all the People who think that we actually care what you are feeling or wanting, we don't care we just pretend that we do. No offense, but it's the truth.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Blues

Winter, winter, oh winter. As much fun as I have head with you, I'm ready for you to leave. We had our fun times, and we haven't. I feel, though, that it is time that we go our seperate ways. Yes, I am breaking up with winter, why? Well, I have been stuck in a winter ice storm for much longer than I would care to be. I'm over the cold, I'm over the fact that my car can't drive in the snow/ice, I'm also over having my hands dry because of the cold winter air. Screw that. I want to be on the beach, or somewhere warm. I just wish that we could get out of this little winter funk that we are in, and go straight to summer. Yeah, I have wants too, mine are for a more warmer coast to live on.